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Matthew Wersebe

PhD Student

University of Oklahoma, Department of Biology


Aquatic Evolutionary Ecology in Urban Lakes


I am a PhD. student in the lab of Dr. Larry Weider in the Department of Biology at the University of Oklahoma. I graduated from Binghamton University (SUNY) with my B.S. Biology in May 2018. During my time at BU I worked in the lab of Dr. Jessica Hua. 
I am interested in understanding the ecological and evoltuionary consequences of anthropogenic environmental changes.

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My Past Research

I am broadly interested in understanding the the ecological and evolutionary impacts of anthropogenic environmental change. Under this larger theme I have participated in diverse projects investigating these questions:

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Do microcystins influence amphibian host- trematode parasite dynamics?


There is a growing interest in understanding the influence cyanobacterial toxins have on diseases of aquatic organisms. In this project we investigated the net effects of microcystin-LR exposure in an amphibian-trematode model. Funding for this project was provided by The Garden Club of America- Summer Environmental Study Scholarship. 

Collaborators: Nick Buss (BU), Jessica Hua (BU). 

Manuscript: Coming Soon

Consequences of Experiencing Poor Environmental Conditions During Advanced Phenology


Phenological advancement is one of the most tangible impacts of global climate disruption on ecological systems. It is widely documented in temperature zone plants, birds and amphibians. An apparent paradox of advanced phenology is the resulting offspring are exposed to colder temperatures during development. In this project we investigated the impacts of the cold conditions experienced by wood frogs on their larval growth and development, susceptibility to an emerging anthropogenic contaminant, and susceptibility to parasitism.

Collaborators: Jessic Hua (BU)

Manuscript Coming Soon. 

Matthew Wersebe

Department of Biology, Graduate Program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK 73109



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